What about the Concrete? FAQ


How much does it cost?

Although concrete in its self is relatively inexpensive, the process of designing/ mould making/ pouring/ polishing and sealing is quite labour intensive. Pricing for bench tops starts at $1000 per m2 + Delivery and Installation and goes up from there depending on the complexity of the individual job. Contact us for a more detailed estimate or quote on your project.

Isn't concrete porous and wont it stain?

CAST designs use a range of world class sealers designed specifically for use on concrete bench tops and tables, these offer your concrete excellent protection from stains and scratching and good protection from etching caused by common acidic substances such as Lemon Juice and Red Wine, with a little bit of common sense, you will get years of enjoyment from your concrete bench or table. Take a look at our Concrete Care guide for more information.

Will it crack or chip?

It is important to note the difference between structural and hairline fractures.  Structural fractures are when the piece breaks in 2. Our products are warranted for 5 years against structural fractures, Check out our warranty for more info.

Hairline cracks can form in the face anytime after pouring due to the shrinking of the concrete whilst curing, these do not affect the structural integrity of the concrete.

Chipping can occur especially on the edges if hard objects are dropped on the surface. Obviously try to avoid dropping heavy/ hard objects on your concrete. Have a look at the Concrete Care page for more information.

Can i place hot objects on the concrete?

No. Placing hot pots and pans on your concrete could cause thermal shock, causing hairline cracks in the surface. CAST recommend the use of trivets for hot objects. 

Speak to us about trivets in-layed into your kitchen bench for this purpose.

Can i cut on the concrete?

We don't recommend this, not only could it damage your concrete, you will damage your knives

Will i need to reinforce my kitchen cabinets?

As long as your cabinets are made to a high standard you should be OK, a concrete bench wouldn't generally weigh any more than engineered stone or Granite.

We would recommend that you speak with your cabinet maker or builder regarding this.

We can supply you with a good estimate of the final weight of your concrete

Concrete? Isn't that for driveways?

Not exactly. We use a Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC or GRC) which is made using sand, cement, admix and glass fiber, this mix makes a concrete blend that is stronger, lighter and denser than traditional concrete, making it perfect for a wide range of uses in the decorative concrete world.

How big/ thick can you make my Table/ Bench?

Due to our GFRC mix, we are able to make bench tops from 20 mm thick, up to what ever you want. 

For wall panels and tiles we can make them even thinner and lighter

Sizes are generally only limited by form materials that are available to us, anything up to 3.6 m x 1.8 m as one piece is relatively easy, and anything over this just requires a bit of outside the box thinking.

What colour can i have?

How long is a piece of sting? Our colour range is almost endless, from classic concrete Grey to White and Jet black, and even some out there colours like cobalt blue and red. Check out our Colour Selection guide for some ideas.

Where are your products made?

All of our products are 100% Australian made at our centrally located (To the South West) workshop in the Vasse Business Park. Approximately 10km West of Busselton

How long will it take to make?

For most jobs we would say 4-6 Weeks from receipt of your deposit and design sign off to delivery and installation, this is influenced by our work load at the time. Contact us for a more accurate idea of current lead times.

If you are planning a renovation or home build, contact us as soon as possible so we can lock in production dates to ensure your project runs smoothly and on time

What about delivery and Installation?

Yes and Yes, we can deliver and install anywhere in Australia. Contact us for Shipping and Installation rates.

Some items can not be shipped due to size and weight

Alternatively, we can arrange delivery to have your builder or cabinet maker install.